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Re: Plans for future releases.

Yes the Mandrake installer is much nicer but it still has some scripting

I do not know if the following is relevent but here it is.

My own experience with Mandrake follows
Installing on a Celeron 366 with Elsa Erazor (nVidia Riva TNT)
Graphic instalation Fails!! Can not find a display and does not drop back
to VGA
and offers no choice to do anything else.  and does not even install theVGA
or SVGA set and the script can not seem to find them on the CD.  I tried
all install options in attempting to overcome this problem

With Red Hat Network cards seem to be the weak point, particularly ISA PNP
cards set in the non PNP mode, and some ot the RealTek cards.  RedHat can
not seem to find them.