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Re: [Re: Plans for future releases.]

My experience with Mandrake is the following:

My SCSI card (Tekram 390F) is not recognised properly (RedHat does)
When creating the boot floppy it is asking for a floppy to be insterted in
/dev/sda which fails. RedHat is fine.
Have been unable so far to have both the SCSI adapter and my Parallel port Zip
drive 100MB recognized at the same time. The SCSI must be removed from the
computer to access the ppa ZIPDRIVE. It must be some type of incompatibility
or (correct be if I am wrong) an inability of Linux to have more than one SCSI
adapter loaded at a time. If anyone knows how to fix this I would appreciate
for any help.

On the issue of the Web Site I will be able to work on it after a week or so.
I would suggest to gather up what we want done, text headers alterations etc,
so I can apply them in one go.