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Re[2]: Second snapshot fixed

>I just hope it is not an unpleasant one.  At this point Indy is RedHat
>-More modern software
>-Better interfacing with Windows networks
>-XFS (journalling filesystems) and ACLs
>-Far better printing
>-Better "artistic" software (enhanced Gimp, Blender, Glame, SoundStudio)
>-More "citizen" software: software who can help you in real life
>-More games
>-Better networkig software
>-Some programs who are no longer state of the art have been removed.
>It does no miracles.
>		Jean Francois Martinez

Right now im using RH 7.1 on my post secondary institution granted laptop and I can deal with it just fine. With the improvements listed, i think it will add
quite a bit more to the package in terms of usability.

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