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Re: snapshot 2

Dinos Kouroushaklis a écrit :
> Hi all ... I am back
> Did anyone test the second ISO image so far?
> I just finished downloading it and was unable to burn it?
> It stopped at 3%. It might be the CD Writer as well since this the second
> CD I am burning on it.

AFAIK (but I know little) an ISO image is just a flux of data for the CD
ie it doesn't matter if it is music, an ISO9660 filesystem or one of the
formats from Sun or others.   If I did something wrong at masterisation
then it will
surface when you mount the CD but not at this stage. 

> JFM what would you like me to do as soon as I manage to install Indy on my
> PC? About the web site that is.

For now few pages: a front one, a download page, a status page (the
state of Indy),
a general developers page, one specific for programmers and Linux
experts, another one
for non experts suggesting them useful actions.  Plus the form for
subscribing to the list
and/or participating.  The present form we have is quite obsolete: it
does not subscribe
people who want to participate and I suspect many people fill it
believing it is just for
subscribing to the mail list when it is for participating.   New form
should have one button
for subscribing to the mail list (we only need to know the person's
e-mail) and one for people
interested in taking action: here we need some more data in addition to
the e-mail.  In the 
later case person is automatically subscribed to the list and data is
sent to the person
filtering the appliants (myself for now).

Also we have to try to be fast: at this stage is better to have an
updated site than one
where every link is correct.  The front page is the worse problem since
I have difficulties
in writing an effective text on Indy's ideals.

> Regards to all and hope that we are done with the needless killing of
> innocent people.
> Dinos

		Jean Francois Martinez

The Independence project: because Linux should be for everyone