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Re: snapshot 2

On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 10:48:45PM +0200, jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> subscribing to the mail list when it is for participating.   New form
> should have one button
> for subscribing to the mail list (we only need to know the person's
> e-mail) and one for people
> interested in taking action: here we need some more data in addition to
> the e-mail.  In the 
> later case person is automatically subscribed to the list and data is
> sent to the person
> filtering the appliants (myself for now).
If you want a button that does the first of these, look at the front
page of www.seul.org.

It points to a cgi which will subscribe somebody to one of the seul lists.

                <TABLE BORDER=0 cellpadding=8><TR BGCOLOR="#F1CD92"><TD align=center>
                <FONT face="arial" COLOR="#573A0B">
                <FORM ACTION="http://www.seul.org/cgi-bin/majordomo.cgi";>
                <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=mlist VALUE="seul-announce">
                <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=subscribe VALUE="1">
                <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=host VALUE="seul.org">
                <INPUT NAME="email" SIZE="15">
                <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Subscribe">
                Put your email address here

(substitute seul-announce with independence-l, and it should work great.)