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Re: Pack of bug fixes

I assume that the correct URL for the updates is:

JFM correct me if I am wrong.


At 15:35 22/9/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>I have uploaded a whole pack of bug fixes to
>The fixed packages are:
>-initscripts:  Bug in rc.local who caused release number not to display
>at login
>-gimpdoc-pdf:  the "gimp-manual" command was not pointing to the PDF
>-rute: the "rute-manual" command was not pointing to the PDF manual
>-etherape: the etherape command was placed in /usr/sbin/bin
>I found we were shipping both libgnomeprint11 and libgnomeprint15
>for one part and libgal3 and libgal7 for another part.  This caused
>problems with some applications being unable to print.  They had to be
>rebuilt.  There are new packages for:
>Once those upgrades are applied libgnomeprint11 and libgal3 will be no
>longer needed and
>should be removed.
>As I an aside I checked for packages witrh same name and different
>versuions but since
>those packages included version number in name they slipped past my
>                                             JFM