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patch for hdlc monitoring


i want to to write a patch for hdlc monitoring.
As is, there's an entry in ifaces.c "defining" hdlc, ie. allowing the
gui to paint the line for an hdlc iface even though no monitoring is
done. I'm playing with the large switch in packet.c and i guess it's
only a matter of passing the right offset to the ip frame within the
hdlc to the subsequent routines.
If anyone is already doing this I'd certainly like feedback (in order
not to do double work and maybe i can help)
Raymond Hall
"Even if World War I consisted of nothing but a very, very large number
of quarks in a very, very complicated pattern of motion, no insight is
gained by describing it that way"
Steven Pinker, on reductionism. "The Blank Slate" p. 70