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Re: patch for hdlc monitoring

Hi Raymond,

There's similar code for ISDN for HDLC encapsulation, but not really for 
"pure" hdlc.  You're correct, it's just a matter of finding the right 
offset for the IP header.  Can you provide that information?

 On 16 Jan 2003, Raymond Hall wrote:

> helo,
> i want to to write a patch for hdlc monitoring.
> As is, there's an entry in ifaces.c "defining" hdlc, ie. allowing the
> gui to paint the line for an hdlc iface even though no monitoring is
> done. I'm playing with the large switch in packet.c and i guess it's
> only a matter of passing the right offset to the ip frame within the
> hdlc to the subsequent routines.
> If anyone is already doing this I'd certainly like feedback (in order
> not to do double work and maybe i can help)
> tia,
> Raymond Hall