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Graphical issues

Hello all,

I'd like to get advice from the list regarding something that's been on my 
mind for a few months now.  Several of you have been requesting a means to 
graphically plot out data captured by iptraf.  The log files were meant 
for more human than computer reads although rudimentary graphs have been 
generated by quite a few users.  I'd like to standardize a feature.  So 
I'm soliciting advice from you, especially the developers out there.

What';s the best way to generate graphs for display on a Web page (a la 
MRTG), but perhaps grouped by defined IP filters?  I'd like to know the 
demand for graphs of traffic by interface loads, hosts, subnets, 
protocols, ports, etc, etc.

Off the top of my head it seems like we should just write out a standard, 
easily-parsed text file(s) and have a separate program (Perl? PHP?) 
generate the logs.

Beause I redefined the filter file format, I'm bumping up the next release 
to 3.0, and declaring the old filter files obsolete (sorry).  With the new 
major number, now would be good time for an additional major feature.

Please advise me on the best approach.

Thanks and regards,