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Feature requests.


	I use iptraf for couple of years but I still hope to see some new
features to be added to future releases of this great piece of software:
1. "LAN station monitor" should have ability to show the IP addresses.
Currently there are only MAC addresses displayed, but it will be more
2. If I understand correctly then currently iptraf is
collecting/tracking the traffic independently for each network device
(eth0, eth1, ...). What I propose is the ability to collect/track the
traffic what is going from one device to another (eth0<->eth1,
eth1<->eth2, ...). This way it will be possible to get statistics about
the traffic what is passing through Your box, not only the traffic what
is going into Your box and/or traffic what is originating from Your box.

Maybe it is already achievable by current feature set and/or I speak

Comments anyone?

Ivo Särak,