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Re: tcp filter not found in filter's submenu

CC'ing Tom as I forgot to do it.

Nikola Pajkovsky <npajkovs@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello Tom,
> Hatt Tom <net.study.sea@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> hi:
>>     I am using the latest iptraf version . my problem is I could not
>> find tcp filter option in submenu of filter menu . what is about the
>> reason ?
> The reason is, that it's under IP filter. It covers bunch of other
> protocols like TCP, UDP, ICMP and so forth.
> So what you need to do, is go to Filters sub-menu, select IP and and
> define new filter, add new filter (by pressing 'a'). It will show
> another window, where you can specify your parameters included with tcp
> filter.