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Re: [kidsgames] Word

Hi Guys,

Brian Thompson wrote:
> Do you think that such a synthtesis would be useful for a multilingual word
> base? I'm talking here about making a drop in word base so that a program
> could, assuming you could do the grammatical conversion, be used to teach
> the same material in different languages.  A SDK starter is what I'm talking
> about I work on the english base and corresspond it to other language
> meanings and use the same word references to teach the same material,
> assuming a matching connotation and grammar can be aligned.  And regardless
> of what book is being read to the child they can hear the correct words, and
> translated because they have the asci word displayed as it is read by the
> synthesizer.  One story many languages!!

this sounds interesting. One of my Projects is LingoTeach, which is a
language teaching program, and I am dealing with pretty much the same
problems. I think it is not really necessary or even useful to use
synthesis at all because of an experience I had. I released the first
test version of LingoTeach on Thanksgiving, with support for English and
German. One week later I had support for 11 languages (this was only
written, though). Now I am modifying the way I store the Data to an XML
based format, that will have sound files for each of the phrases, and
all the phrases will be translated into many languages. 
Right now, I am thinking of things like "where is the Bathroom" and so
on, but it  it should not make any difference if you are saying things
like that or tell a story. Also, there are many other things that we'd
have in common, like I want to have an Image (or a small movie or even
something interactive) for each phrase. And there should be information
in the text that will move some kind of bouncy ball along the words,
like in Karaoke(at least as an option).

I will have some first xml parser and data file ready before the end of
the year, I hope. The referenced files will be in a Jar file so that it
does not clutter too much. The Format will be something like this: (I
have the first Data File already, but it does not have all the

There will be a File Editor as well, and I think it would be useful if
we somehow could team up because the Problems are fairly similar, and we
both can get loads more content if there is a easy to use Editor for a
kind of standardized format.


<name lang="english">Basic Words</name>

<meaning id=1>
 <translation lang="english" sound="00001.wav"><t=0>Good
 <translation lang="japanese"
 <translation lang="german" sound="000003.wav">Guten
 <!-- more translations -->
<!-- more meanings -->

I think it will not be a problem to find people to translate things, and
I try to concentrate on functionality. People who are willing to
translate to the 11 supported languages are on the lingoteach-localize
mailing list. Most of them would do sound as well. I think human
generated speech beats Computers easily, especially when it's about
story telling. (How do you configure your SW to sound scary, happy, sad,
old and young and whatcanyoube).

[stuff below is about LingoTeach]

the LingoTeach website is at

lingoteach.xnot.com, and there are mailing lists are (I have to update
the website)

lingoteach-announce@xnot.com (moderated, low low traffic)
To announce new versions to interested humans.

lingoteach-lesson@xnot.com (closed = only subscribers can post)
Discuss what goes into lessons, and how it should be structured.

lingoteach-gui@xnot.com (closed)
Discuss GUI things, like how you can look at/play with/be tested 
with/edit the Data in the lessons.

lingoteach-localize@xnot.com (closed)
This is for requests for Localisation. Whoever has something to be 
translated to other languages can post it here, and hopefully will get 
all the answers needed.

lingoteach-feedback@xnot.com (open = everyone can post)
This one is open, will probably get spammed a lot but will also get the 
feedback from people who are afraid to participate.

To subscribe to the list, you can send email to 
lingoteach-whatever-subscribe@xnot.com then you get the usual mail to 
confirm your address, reply to it and you are all set.

Sorry for posting such a huge mail, 

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