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Re: [kidsgames] Word

> I tried to install it, but I don't have Java on my computer. It's a RH6.0 base.
> I looked on Freshmeat, but there were so many Java stuff I didn't know where to
> start. What do you recommend ?

I haven't taken a look at LingoTech myself, so I don't know whether it requires
1.2 (aka Java 2) or not.  If it doesn't, use IBM's 1.1.8 JDK or JRE - it's
probably the fastest JVM for Linux:


If you need 1.2, the easiest for Red Hat 6.0 would be the new "Sun" release:


That page also mentions the Blackdown group, which pioneered Java on Linux, and
also has a new release out.  But that requires the glibc library version that
comes with Red Hat 6.1.

-Adam Ambrose

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