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Re: [Libevent-users] libevent http and lost requests

On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 8:13 AM, Mark Ellzey <mthomas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can you post the source? If not you can try ltrace/strace'ing your
server or enable event debugging by recompiling libevent with

I can't post source code. Maybe later I will make simple version of server, which can reproduce timeout errors.
I can reproduce errors only on big count of real users requests, so ltrace/strace output will be huge and not useful.
I've enabled -DUSE_DEBUG and got a lot of debug information.
I have 3 lines of output in my httpserver log for one request. I am looking output only for timeouted requests.
2011.08.11 13:34:20 v[3]     handler_input: id: 11205565 # --- uniq ID of request
2011.08.11 13:34:20 v[3]     handler: id: 11205565 ip: X.X.X.X uri: /query/xxx/yyy/ # --- IP and URI
2011.08.11 13:34:20 v[3]     handler_output: id: 11205565 # --- uniq ID
How can I figure out which debug lines from libevent corresponds to this one request?