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[Libevent-users] Assert fail in evhttp_connection_fail_ with req=0x00 on error=EVREQ_HTTP_TIMEOUT at http.c:691


when I add new evhttp requests to an running event_loop, I get "epoll ADD: Bad file descriptor" and later "SIGABRT".
The event_base is running in an seperate worker thread, the main thread is doing the evhttp_make_request.

Output from GDB:

Output from GDB with libevent debugging on:

I get the assert fail in the folowing 2 cases:

case 1:
1. add new requests to the running event_base

case 2:
1. call loop_brake from the main thread
2. wait for the loop to "brake" in the worker thread
3. put the worker thread to sleep
4. add new requests
5. wake up the worker thread
6. run the event_loop

Is this bug in libevent or my code?

Best regards,
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