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[Libevent-users] libevent-1.4.14-stable release

Hi everyone,

here is the somewhat delayed release announcement.  The new libevent
tar ball is located at


the gpg signature is at


Make sure to check it.   This release contains mostly bug fixes.
Here are the most important ones:

- Backport evbuffer_readln()
- Fix a crash when reading a badly formed resolved.conf
- Fix a memory leak of the signal handler array when using kqueue
- Make evutil_make_socket_nonblocking() leave all other flags alone
- Do not send an HTTP error when we've already closed or responded
- Make the library build on win32 with unicode enabled
- Provide an nmake file to build on Windows
- Fix a free(NULL) in min_heap.h
- Fix a memory leak when setting up prorities
- Do not abort HTTP requests missing a reason string
- Define _REENTRANT as needed on Solaris

We would like everyone who submitted bugs and patches, including
Nicholas Marriott, William Ahern, Yasuoka Masahiko, Evan Jones, Jardel
Weyrich, Pavel Plesov, Brodie Thiesfield, Alexander Drozdov, Gilad
Benjamini and Pierre Phaneuf


Ps: It's possible that there will be a 1.4-14b-stable soon which will
extend binary compatibility to the 2 previous versions instead of the
1 the current version allows.
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