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[Libevent-users] No data flowing in bufferevent_openssl_filter_new


I am rather new to libevent and I am doing the following in a smaller server application:
 - Create an event loop listening for connections on a given port.
 - If the first data sent by the client looks like an SSL client Hello, switch the
   connection to ssl, by installing a filter.
 - process data as ususal (simply echo it)

When connecting to the server with telnet, all is working. When connecting to the
server with the openssl s_client, I do get a successful SSL handshake, but after that,
I can only write data to the server and never get anything back, and debug output
shows, that clientRead is never called. What am I doing wrong?

This is the read callback installed by bufferevent_setcb:

static void clientInitialRead(struct bufferevent *bev, void *arg)
	connState_t *conn = arg;
	struct evbuffer *evi = bufferevent_get_input(bev);
	struct evbuffer_iovec cont;
	struct bufferevent *bevSsl;

	evbuffer_peek(evi, -1, NULL, &cont, 1);
	if (isSslClientHello(&cont, conn)) {
		bevSsl = bufferevent_openssl_filter_new(conn->global->mainEvents,
		if (!bevSsl) {
			PA_WARNING("Error creating SSL filter bev");
		conn->bev = bevSsl;
		bufferevent_setcb(bevSsl, clientRead, clientWrite, clientEvent, conn);
		bufferevent_setwatermark(bevSsl, EV_READ, 0, 16348);
		bufferevent_enable(bevSsl, EV_READ|EV_WRITE);
	} else {
		clientRead(bev, arg);

And this is the "normal" read callback:

static void clientRead(struct bufferevent *bev, void *arg)
	connState_t *conn = arg;
	struct evbuffer *evi = bufferevent_get_input(bev);
	struct evbuffer *evo = bufferevent_get_output(bev);

	evbuffer_remove_buffer(evi, evo, evbuffer_get_length(evi));

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