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[Libevent-users] ANN: Appnexus is sponsoring Libevent in 2012

I'm delighted to be able to say that AppNexus has decided to sponsor
Libevent in 2012!  In their words,

   "AppNexus is happy to support the continuous development of
Libevent by sponsoring the project for the 2012 year. Continued
development of open source, non-profit projects is critical to the
success of the tech community as a whole. We recognize the hard work
open source developers are making every day to improve the technology,
and we hope our sponsorship will make further development possible."

AppNexus has generously donated $10,000 towards this year's Libevent
development efforts.  I'm spending some of this on hardware upgrades,
and keeping some for my pizza-beer-books-and-videogames fund, but I'd
like to use the bulk of it to encourage people to hack parts of
Libevent.  I'm thinking of offering a $500-$100 or so apiece for a few
tasks that have been annoying the community for a while, and which
require either time or expertise that I don't have.  I've got a few
ideas (notably IOCP issues, better benchmarking, the evhttp->libevhtp
translition, pluggable dns backends, smarter multithreading), but I
want to hear your ideas too.  Please send them to me **OFF LIST**, and
I'll summarize what people are thinking late next week.

best wishes to all,
Nick Mathewson
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