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Re: [Libevent-users] Introducing RProxy (and a re-introduction to libevhtp)

OoO Lors de  la soirÃe naissante du lundi 21 mai  2012, vers 18:29, Mark
Ellzey <mthomas@xxxxxxxxxx> disaitÂ:

> Many of the wonderful open-source proxies that exist today are tailored to the
> average GET <-> RESPONSE traffic types. For each request, they may spawn a new
> thread, create a new connection to the back-end, or both. Many of the projects
> we analyzed could not handle large streams of data efficiently since they would
> block until the full client request has been received (hey, where did my memory
> go?). Resource exhaustion was a common element under high load: memory, file
> descriptors, CPU, etc. These existing projects are designed perfectly for common
> traffic flows, but can quickly capsize under pressure.

Did you  try haproxy  + stunnel  or haproxy +  stud? Your  project seems
pretty  interesting. I  plan  to  benchmark it  against  other HTTP  SSL
termination solutions.
Vincent Bernat â http://vincent.bernat.im

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