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Re: autoconf help?

I've put up a new release of the GUT, incorporating some of the feedback
from this list. Again, thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

If anyone would be willing to have a go at the new version and let me know
how it works on their system I'd really appreciate it. I'd really like to hear
how the fullscreen sample (in Gut/Samples/Fullscreen) works, I suspect 
it may only work properly on my desktop. (Run the sample, you should
see a spinning technicolor triangle. Pressing 'n' cycles through the 
available fullscreen modes).

And in case you don't know: "The Grand Unified Toolkit is a C++ API for 
the development of games and other forms of interactive media. It takes on 
the task of abstracting the hardware and operating system, so the same 
source code can run on multiple systems, unchanged. The Toolkit is not a 
game engine; it does not provide a scene graph or rendering pipeline. It does 
make the development of such products easier and more flexible."

Thanks all for your help,

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