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Re: New Site Betatest

On 06-Apr-2000 Bert Peers wrote:


> The obvious thing to me seems to make this a two-level
> tree.  Every resource would be in a category, with subtypes in
> that category for finer control.  Currently there is only a
> 'Type' field, but a 'Type' and 'Subtype' may be helpful.

There have been times when I've been unable to find stuff in recursive tree
formatting... I think there'd have to be strong search capabilities if it were
broken up like that (sometimes I'm thinking of what I want in one way when the
web-master was thinking of it in a different way, so it's not where I think it
should be...).

Since the system is written in php3, I believe it's possible to detect if the
browser supports tables, frames, javascript, java, etc, so it can intelligently
select how to spit out the html. For a recursive tree strategy, it may be a
good thing to try to make it java if possible, so it can be expanded and
retracted without requiring slow connection requests and page reloads (I'm on a
slow modem retrieving the page over the transatlantic backbone... not a fast
process). Just a thought :) 


>> 2) Forum: The code for web-based discussion (we're using Phorum) is there,
>> but it isn't integrated into the site yet. I'll look at this soon, but
>> some parts of that are most likely of the tricky sort, so don't speculate
>> on a date yet.
> A great alternative is UBB.  I've found it is very stable, very easy
> to set up if you have perl (duh) and there are no caveats in the
> license -- there's a totally free version.

I've been using wwwthreads (http://www.wwwthreads.org) for the forums I set up,
it's the same forum engine that forums.linuxgames.com uses. It's really easy to
administer and pretty powerful :) It's GPL'd and uses perl/MySQL... I'm not
sure how UBB compares, I'll have to look into that. :)

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