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Re: New Site Betatest

Bert Peers wrote:

>On a side note, the low response may perhaps be because of the
>complexity of the site.  I expected a simple redesign but it turns
>out to be a very flexible and very nice solution.  Great work !!

That's why it took so long ;) Thanks :-)

>> * The "resources" part is still a bit chaotic, as its category scheme is
>> way too coarse for the large number of entries. I'll add some more

>The obvious thing to me seems to make this a two-level
>tree.  Every resource would be in a category, with subtypes in
>that category for finer control.  Currently there is only a
>'Type' field, but a 'Type' and 'Subtype' may be helpful.

Yup. planned.


>necessary.  Perhaps the resources menu can initially list only
>the types, and when one clicks such a type the type 'opens up'
>by listing the subtypes below it, slightly indented.
>(ie classic treeview imitation, as on www.exaflop.org).

Yup, that would be good.

I'll post some more info on that later (I have to leave soon).

>> directly (via web form). So please, authors, create a user account and tell
>> me the username.
>I registered as "Bert Peers".  There used to be 2 articles up
>there which were very nicely formatted by Paul into multiple
>pages.  How will that work in the new automated submit ?

They will be flattened (as I see only the "C++ callback" one is affected.
Boy is this thing long!). Paul and I agreed on that, as it makes things a
bit easier for readers (printing/offlinereading/saving the entire thing is
inconvenient with split articles).
Otherwise the formatting will stay the same AFAIS.

I don't know whether I can submit them before I leave, but sometime today
(or tonight) they'll be up. I'll tell you.

>is not a problem.  There's also a small 3rd one ready.

Just mail it to me :)

>> (2) News and resource links can be submitted by everyone. Of course stuff
>> submitted by some stranger isn't immediately placed on the public pages,
>> however. It's stored in the DB like a "good" entry, but marked as
>> "unapproved".
>If I understand correctly, then being the maintainer of a subsection
>would involve being the 'moderator' of any submitted entries, new
>or updating, verifying the 'worthiness' of a submission and giving
>it the go ?  I think I still have time for that (if the task otoh

Mainly. But if not enough stuff is submitted by others, it's the
maintainer's job to do it himself (or make people do it - after all
everyone can submit. i.e. you can simply enlist friendls/family to do that
work without any special setup).

>would be to hunt for SDKs and make the summaries myself, as in the
>original site, it may be trickier timewise).

Once you give me a definitive "Yes" I'll assign the proper permissions to

>> 4) External Articles: We don't have a good system for handling links to
>> interesting articles written elsewhere. <> It's not *that* easy
>> though, 
>What's the problem ?

Categories ;) Links to external articles can accumulate even faster than
resource links.

Also, with the current code an extra set of submission form, processing
code, display code etc is needed. But that's a comparatively minor problem.

>> 2) Forum: The code for web-based discussion (we're using Phorum) is there,
>> but it isn't integrated into the site yet. I'll look at this soon, but
>> some parts of that are most likely of the tricky sort, so don't speculate
>> on a date yet.
>A great alternative is UBB.  I've found it is very stable, very easy
>to set up if you have perl (duh) and there are no caveats in the

You mean it's Perl-based? Then integration of it should be *more* difficult.

My main problem (disclaimer: I havent even looked at that thing yet) is
that I can already tell the forum code (1) if the user is logged in and (2)
if yes, what name & email adress to fill into the fields.
AFAIS Phorum does its own simple user management, so this has to be either
replaced or coupled with ours.
Well, we'll see.

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator/Coder, PenguinPlay (http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/)
Coordinator,       LGDC        (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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