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Re: Fixed lgdc IRC channel?

On 07-Apr-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Bert Peers wrote:
>>> I don't think having fixed times for "meetings" is useful or good now, so
>>> just agreeing on the "place" should be the best. And perhaps something
>>> more regular will emerge from that in time.
>>True, but without any guidelines, when will be the first meeting be ?
>>It appears as if people need to find their way back into LGDC a bit
>>(hey, it's alive again ! *g*), so, er, just idling on the channel for
> *grin* Good point.
>>the next 2 weeks doesn't seem viable..  Should we schedule something
>>for the first time only ?  Go the idle-and-wait way ?  Wait until the
>>site is online ?.. or...
> What about waiting until the site is online and then having a "big" IRC
> party? Free virtual beer for everyone! ;)
> We'd have to (1) agree on a time for the new site to go online, (2) agree
> on a time for the party, (3) announce it on the old site, (4) announce it on
> the new site and (5) be there.

I've never really seen much of a success with scheduled irc meetings, but I've
had success with a persistant channel where people drift in when they can.  It
allows people to participate no matter what their schedule... Any attempt at a
scheduled meeting will result in some people excluded due to matters beyond
their control. I, for instance, am in CST6CDT time, so a comfortable time for
someone in europe will be impossible for me, then add on problems like work and

> Regarding (1):
> * The site seems to work rather well. A few buglets are popping up here and
> there, but nothing critical. I don't expect problems from this side.

when it goes live for real, lots more will pop up :) 

> * I'd like to have all articles up when the site goes live.
> Problem1: That PHP config thing. No answer from Esben yet, but that should
> come soon.
> Problem2: Most of the authors have not created user accounts yet. That
> means we'll perhaps have to create "dummy" accounts for the missing ones.
> Un-nice, but well...

how about throwing e-mails to the authors and not posting until they comply? Or
a single dummy account, and re-own articles as the authors sign up?

> * When the site goes online the news section *has* to be maintained, i.e.
> news items have to appear on a daily basis. I don't have the time for this.
> Possible solution: several people say "ok, I'll hunt for news and post a
> few items each day". Remember, you don't have to take a real maintainer job
> for that. 
> I can also mark a few people as "trusted", which will allow their
> newsitems to appear on the front page immediately (without requiring the
> maintainer to look through them first).
> Who volunteers?

* eery silence *
>       Christian
> PS: Any voices against OpenProjects for IRC?
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