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Re: Question about timing

Erik wrote:

> I'm pretty sure that the time is in processor ticks since the program started
> execution, it's not referring to the kind of processor time used in calculating
> load (yeah, it's a pretty ambigious man page...). The function does what we
> need it to.

The man page says:

|    The clock() function returns an approximation of processor
|    time used by the program.

"time used by the program" sounds pretty conclusive to me.

Anyway, here's proof:

int main ()
  clock_t t1, t2 ;
  t1 = clock () ;
  sleep ( 20 ) ;
  t2 = clock () ;
  printf ( "%f seconds.\n", (float)(t2-t1)/(float)CLOCKS_PER_SEC ) ;

...that code prints zero (time used was less than a millionth of a
second - which is the resolution of clock()) and not 20 as you'd
expect if clock() was elapsed time rather than CPU time.

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