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Weird OpenGL/GLU problem

Hey there.

I have written a small game and is expericing some pretty weird behaviour.

I use the glutKeyboard... function call to adjust my viewpoint of my
world, then glutPostRedisplay to redisplay. Works fine framerate is
acceptable (well, frame render time). I have a function to rotate 360
degrees in 4 degrees steps, and measure time. (Using gettimeofday :-).

Works perfect the first time, I get 50 fps. The second time I get 44, the
third 40 and it settles at 38. (This is the weird behavoiur).

Now, this is a demo game, and there are no memory allocations. I check
glGetError several times, no errors are returned. The problem occurs with
and without textures, and with and with using lists.

Obviously I am doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what. (And I
assume you can neither from this very short description, and no source).
What I am looking for is someone that may be able to regoniece (spelling
is hard) my symptoms and direct me in the rigth direction. What kind of
misuse of the OpenGL system could cause this kind of framerate reduction
between different speedmeasurements? No changes to the datastructures take
place AFAIK.

Any hints or guesses would be appriciated.



P.S. I realise that this may not be strictly linux related. I hope it is

Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
Estimates of online gamers in the United States alone run as high as 15 to
20 million people. 
                                      - Jon Katz, Slashdot, on youth culture.

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