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RE: Article Authors

On 11-Apr-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> The following authors have not told me their username yet:

> Erik Greenwald
>       Joysticks - Implementation and Portability 

$username = 'Erik';


> I also need an abstract (1-2 lines) for each of these articles (otherwise
> I'll have to write it myself, which will delay things).
> If I don't get that info soon, I will create dummy accounts for the missing
> authors.

as soon as I think one up, I'll send it to you

> I would also appreciate some help with reformatting the articles.
> Yes, I know that you'd need the info (what font to use etc) for that. I'll
> extend the submission guide soon (unless Paul does it, that is).

np, I have my article in a couple very general formats, just let me know the
details :)

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> Daddy, what does "FORMATING DRIVE C" mean?

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