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Article Authors

The following authors have not told me their username yet:

Anni Hienola
	Interview With Anders Moden from Gizmo3D 
	Interview of Erno Tuomainen From Legends Of Saladir 

Rob Kaper
	Why You Shouldn't Fear Linux Game Development.

Salvador E. Tropea
	Performance Of The Common Linux Compilers. 

Philip Gühring
	Tricking GGI Into An 8-Bit Display Mode 
	Dialog - A Programming Language for Dialogs 

Ingo Ruhnke
	Linux Game Installer HOW-TO 

Erik Greenwald
	Joysticks - Implementation and Portability 

	XShipWars Development on Linux/X 

I also need an abstract (1-2 lines) for each of these articles (otherwise
I'll have to write it myself, which will delay things).
If I don't get that info soon, I will create dummy accounts for the missing

I would also appreciate some help with reformatting the articles.
Yes, I know that you'd need the info (what font to use etc) for that. I'll
extend the submission guide soon (unless Paul does it, that is).

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator/Coder, PenguinPlay (http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/)
Coordinator,       LGDC        (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

Daddy, what does "FORMATING DRIVE C" mean?

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