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RE: Weird OpenGL/GLU problem

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Erik wrote:

> so the angle displays correctly? it doesn't slow down, just the FPS
> calculation?


> Ok, when you calculate the time, you have 2 time structs, one sampled from the
> beginning of your set of frames, and one sampled after. Are you resetting the
> one from the beginning, or does it stay at the program start time through the
> whole run? 

I am resetting it. I am pretty sure this code is OK - when I measure with
a stopwatch, I get the same timing.

> > me, how the time varies. Only the total time spent in a function.
> > 
> a short run will provide a set of times that should be close to the 'right'
> runtime, while a long run will have more skew. Comparing the results of a long
> and short run would hopefully point out any problems that match the description
> you gave

Good advice, I will try it!

> If you can't get it working, can you furnish the code? Being able to sit it on
> my desktop and look at it and run it will let me make an accurate diagnosis
> instead of blind speculation :) (and there are others here who are far beyond
> my ability, so they might see an err in the code pretty obviously)

I have no problem giving you a copy of the code, but it is not in a state
suited for distribution and pretty embarrising. If you want to have a
look, you can download 
http://www.challenge.dk/~madsdyd/3dse.20000407.tgz (200 KB)

It needs a working GL/GLU (preferable accelerated) and a linux system. It
will try to use /dev/dsp for sound. Most of the display stuff is in

Mind you, the most (90%) of that code was hacked together from 02 AM to 1
PM on last sunday morning (20000402) after I and a friend had been to a
party... It is my first serious try on a game and I am currently rewriting
it, which is why I am offering you the last stable version :-) A lot of
stuff is broken, but the only thing I can't easily explain is the weird
drop in framerate.

Oh, hit c to try the framerate out (IIRC) - otherwise it is in keyboard.c



Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
Oh well, all operating systems crash constantly right? This is normal, right? 
It has to be, Microsoft couldn't be so popular if their OS was so bad, could 
  Yes they could, and they are. And if you fail to realize it, it's your own 
damn fault.
                               - Ron Coscorrosa, in response to MS France FUD

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