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Re: Opinions on OpenAL?

> Hello everyone.
> Assuming one would like to implement sound that is "3d" - ie, ala Quake,
> where sounds far of to the left, just sligthly above you, stay correctly
> located even though you change your viewpoint a lot, etc. etc, would
> OpenAL be a good choice? I realize it is quite new, but have anyone had a
> change to play with it?
> I looked at the website, but was unable to figure out what hardware was
> required/supported. Is it like OpenGL in that it will use software
> emulation when proper hardware is lacking?

That's right. About requirements - I think requirement is only 16 bit sound
card and working driver for it
(OSS) for Linux. I don't know about Windows, I couldn't hear any sound,
although I compiled it succesfully.
I think so far there's no so much special support for hardware acceleration.
How far I know, Creative is working together with Loki Games for OpenAL, so
count SoundBlaster series as well supported by now.

Personally I think OpenAL is the right thing in the right time. It's
cross-platform, it has similar syntax as OpenGL, and it's supporting
(altough lot of them on paper until now) lot of things what developers need
for 3d sound.

It's all I know...

Peter Krisho.
GimCopter Idea generator :)

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