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Opinions on OpenAL?

Hello everyone.

Assuming one would like to implement sound that is "3d" - ie, ala Quake,
where sounds far of to the left, just sligthly above you, stay correctly
located even though you change your viewpoint a lot, etc. etc, would
OpenAL be a good choice? I realize it is quite new, but have anyone had a
change to play with it?

I looked at the website, but was unable to figure out what hardware was
required/supported. Is it like OpenGL in that it will use software
emulation when proper hardware is lacking?

Any comments apriciated.


Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
Sure, some companies might run successful businesses by making Linux easier
to use and offering technical support for the systems, but no business model
based on service and support is ever going to approach the incredible level
of profitability of a Microsoft-style 'pay us for breathing' business
                               - Pat Dorsey, Morningstar

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