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CSS (was: New Site Betatest)

Gareth Noyce wrote:

>> >NS (text overwriting itself cause there's a carriage return
>> >but no linefeed, unreadable colors, buttons/links that simply
>> >do not work making the site dead text, etc).

>Well, it can be. Certainly, dead links occur in NS if you use CSS to
>position a DIV containing the links. /Any/ overlap of absolute positioned
>elements (on the same z-index) will cause things like links and rollovers to
>fail in NS, and some weird handling of events. 
>It's easy to fix, but something to be aware of...

Ok, so if we only use basic stuff (setting text font/color, eventually code
indentation) we shouldn't run into these problems. I had a look at the page
Esben suggested, and it seems that it should be ok to use basic CSS.
Paul, what do you think?

Christian Reiniger
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