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Site (content) maintenance was frozen for quite a long time, so I'd like to
have a look at the who-does-what thing again.
The old site lists the following people:

Paul Tiseo		Webmaster
Christian Reiniger	LGDC Coordinator
Rob Kaper		Game Projects Administrator
Bert Peers		Tools Collection Maintainer
Anni Hienola		Articles and Editorials Maintainer
Ben Smith		Tutorials and How-To Maintainer

Paul and I are still at it, of course, but what about the others? I haven't
heard much from any of them lately...

Well, perhaps I should explain a bit how maintenance of the new site is

(1) We have web forms for almost everything, so there's no more
copy-and-paste-pageheader, download-edit-upload etc anymore. Almost
everything can (and should) be manipulated directly via the web pages.
That's much easier than the old way.

(2) News and resource links can be submitted by everyone. Of course stuff
submitted by some stranger isn't immediately placed on the public pages,
however. It's stored in the DB like a "good" entry, but marked as
"unapproved". Then a mail is sent to the respective maintainer, who then
can go to the maintenance page (which lists all yet unapproved items) and
accept/edit/discard it.
So if the maintainer in there areas is lucky, he just has to click "ok" for
all the items submitted by visitors. If he's not, he has to look for
news|resources himself, of course.

(3) For articles the process is a bit different:
The maintainer gets the article from the author and uses the submission
form (available only to maintainers, as it's not *that* simple) to get the
stuff into the DB (file upload for article body & contained images
supported), previews it etc. After that the author gets direct access
(i.e. via web form) to that article, so the maintainer doesn't have to care
about update requests etc (unless it's more complicated, like adding more
images etc).
Article maintainers of course have to actively look for articles ;)

Of course responsibilities can be split up to several people within these
parts: there could be one maintainer for Tool/Library resources and one for
the other ones, one for Interviews/Editorial articles and one for technical
articles etc

In case someone's interested, here's the permission scheme used:

User permissions (category=permission):

all=[none|trusted|maintainer]        Set permission for all categories
articles=[none|author|maintainer]    Article maintenance
news=[none|trusted|maintainer]       News maintenance
poll=[none|maintainer]               Poll maintenance
resources=[none|trusted|maintainer]  Resource (Link) maintenance
user=[none|maintainer]               User maintenance

Permission levels (ascending power; higher levels include lower ones)

none            no power. same as if permission is not set at all
author          User may maintain the things he has submitted
trusted         User may submit stuff which is accepted without further review
maintainer      User may do anything

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator/Coder, PenguinPlay (http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/)
Coordinator,       LGDC        (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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