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RE: CSS (was: New Site Betatest)

> Ok, so if we only use basic stuff (setting text font/color, 
> eventually code
> indentation) we shouldn't run into these problems. I had a 
> look at the page
> Esben suggested, and it seems that it should be ok to use basic CSS.
> Paul, what do you think?

Sorry to butt in again, (as I'm not Paul! ;)

...but you'll be fine doing anything in CSS that doesn't use absolute
positioning. Having looked at the new site, I can't see how you'll fall into
that trap. All text formatting should be fine. The only other problems I've
encountered with NS are use of margin properties, and specifying OL and UL
list properties (changing the bullets/indent) with CSS...

BTW it's not to difficult to use the CSS as the basis for the dynamic
translation of the HTML for non-CSS savvy browsers. I've done something
v.similar for a client at work, although not in PHP...

> I just played a bit with CSS and found out that my Netscape 4.05/Linux
> interprets CSS if I also activate JavaScript in the preferences (which is
> off by default). Can someone test this with other browsers?
> (attached is a little test html. If the text appears red, everything is

This is true, unfortunately... CSS works in IE with or without JavaScript
(although I'm not entirely sure about the latest version on the Mac). I
presume Mozilla is the same as NS, although I can't tell from my work

No real workaround other than to detect and warn as far as I know...


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