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RE: CSS (was: New Site Betatest)

Gareth Noyce wrote:

>> Esben suggested, and it seems that it should be ok to use basic CSS.
>> Paul, what do you think?
>Sorry to butt in again, (as I'm not Paul! ;)

Info from everyone is welcome. I just added that phrase `cause Paul is the
webmaster and as such he has the final word on this.

>...but you'll be fine doing anything in CSS that doesn't use absolute
>positioning. Having looked at the new site, I can't see how you'll fall into


>BTW it's not to difficult to use the CSS as the basis for the dynamic
>translation of the HTML for non-CSS savvy browsers. I've done something
>v.similar for a client at work, although not in PHP...

It can only get easier with PHP :)

>> I just played a bit with CSS and found out that my Netscape 4.05/Linux
>> interprets CSS if I also activate JavaScript in the preferences (which is

>This is true, unfortunately... CSS works in IE with or without JavaScript

Ok, so the situation is as follows:
* If we go without CSS, things are displayed nicely for everyone, but
  maintaining the site is more work for us - and adding switchable layouts
  is *much* more work.
* If we do use CSS, we save a lot of work, but a certain percentage of
  visitors (10% ?) don't get the fancier formatting.

So the question is: How much will the site appearance/handling degrade for
these 10%?
Looking at the current site design, the only things a CSS-less user would
miss are:
* The nicer font - not tragic
* background colors of code snippets - more or less neglectable
* eventually some syntax highlighting - well, that's ok as well

Page background/decoration colors, default font colors, decoration images
etc for the different layouts are better managed via PHP code anyway.

IMHO that means we should use CSS

>presume Mozilla is the same as NS, although I can't tell from my work

I don't think so. There's no reason that CSS should be dependent on JS, and
the Mozilla people have a good track record of getting rid of such stupid

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