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Re: CSS (was: New Site Betatest)

On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 09:31:54PM +0200, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Fsck!
> Ok, so the situation is as follows:
> * If we go without CSS, things are displayed nicely for everyone, but
>   maintaining the site is more work for us - and adding switchable layouts
>   is *much* more work.
> * If we do use CSS, we save a lot of work, but a certain percentage of
>   visitors (10% ?) don't get the fancier formatting.

> So the question is: How much will the site appearance/handling degrade for
> these 10%?
> Looking at the current site design, the only things a CSS-less user would
> miss are:
> * The nicer font - not tragic
> * background colors of code snippets - more or less neglectable
> * eventually some syntax highlighting - well, that's ok as well

> Page background/decoration colors, default font colors, decoration images
> etc for the different layouts are better managed via PHP code anyway.

10% ???  This is a Linux site.  The only usable Linux browser
that supports CSS is Netscape 4 and as discussed Netscape 4
does not do CSS if Javascript is turned off.  And due to the
large scale abuseof Javascript on the web a lot more than 10%
of cluefull users turn Javascript off.

Another thing you should know about Netscape 4 is that if in
the font preferences you have "Use my default fonts, overriding
document-specified fonts" checked, as I do, then the CSS font
specifications are ignored even if you have both CSS and JS

Having said that I'd recoment that you don't used font tags
to specify font size or style but take into account that
there will be people viewing with their default font.  Also
for such people font size can be changed with appropriate
use of the H tags.

As for colour, well, just so long as it works well with
or without CSS...

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