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Re: Libs

Erik wrote:
> On 14-Apr-2000 abierce wrote:
> > would you please let me know which library you recommend in order to
> > programme
> > games under linux ?(preferently in ANSI C)
> >
> >
> > --
> > Martin Barale         abierce@arkadia.com.ar
> > Arkadia Sistema               www.arkadia.com.ar - info@arkadia.com.ar
> >
> >
> SDL is portable and in good old C (not icky c++). It's used by lokisoft in
> their ports and seems to be a strong sdk similar in function to m$'s dx... The
> newer ones can handle opengl contexts. www.devolution.com/~slouken/sdl I think?

And for variety (in good old C++) not icky C...check out PLIB which is in use
in about a dozen opensource games (and a couple of hush-hush commercial ones


PLIB is heavily OpenGL/3D oriented.  SDL is good too.  Check out
ClanLib and CrystalSpace also, there are *DOZENS* of them!

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