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Games in Java?

I just wanted to throw a quick question into the fire. 

I've thought about writing a game in Java. The planning is quite done, and
a basic scenario editor is almost usable. I started doing the editor in
Java as I needed to learn it for a small Java-workshop I had to teach. I
like it a lot, if it wasn't for the horrible speed and memory hogging. The
editor will be done in Java anyway, but I'm still planning on also making
the actual game in Java. It's a wargame, so it really needs no fancy 3D,
audio, animations, just hex-based gfx.

But, would people play such a game if it's in Java? Would anyone even
bother downloading it? Would you do it? It's no point in doing anything if
nobody will play it...

 Jan 'Chakie' Ekholm | CS at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland
    Linux Inside | I'm the blue screen of death, no-one hears you scream

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