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Re: Games in Java?

Jan Ekholm wrote:

> But, would people play such a game if it's in Java? Would anyone even
> bother downloading it? Would you do it? It's no point in doing anything if
> nobody will play it...

(assuming a standalone app :  )
Well, apart from the usual speed issues, I also had an interesting
chat with the guy who made the Java MD3 viewer (KLR8); that app is
wildly popular, but it turns out that requiring a Java 1.2 (ie 2.0)
on people's machines is a support nightmare.  It's either unavailable,
or it's very buggy, or people are clueless on how to install it
(properly), or people just don't appreciate a 6Mb SDK for a 100Kb
app (so to speak).  So those are some simple, practical concerns
(which frankly hadn't occured to myself yet either with all the
usual debate over language features, pro and con of garbage
collection, runtime speeds, blabla)...
  It's like the lib-dependencies problem but ten times worse :)


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