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Re: Games in Java?

> But, would people play such a game if it's in Java? Would anyone even
> bother downloading it? Would you do it? It's no point in doing anything if
> nobody will play it...

I'm reminded of a comment in _Game Design Secrets of the Sages_.  Your
first ten games are going to suck so you might as well get them out of the
way.  (I'd find the exact quote and author but I can't grep through a
physical book.)

Personally I think a Java game editor is probably a good idea.  As for an
actual game in Java, it would depend on the game.  I haven't played around
enough with it to say what games would have resonable performance.  It
might also be a good idea to consider how long until your game is playable.
RedHat is now including IBM's JDK 1.1 and Caldera will be including JDK 1.2
I believe.

In general though, I prefer native programs to Java.

(One of these days I plan on doing a Java game article for Open Game Source
but unfortunately there is only so much time in the day.)

Dennis Payne

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