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Re: Database problems?

> Hmmm, AFAIK PHP keeps one connection per httpd process. So if a great
> number of httpds are spawned (normal for sunsite), and a random process is
> selected for handling lgdc requests, then after a short time many processes
> maintain open connections to the DB (assumed PHP is configured for
> persistent connections).

Okay, I saw you used phplib now, and it uses pconnect. So you should be
alright, but I am not sure SunSITE mysql daemon is, but we will see. It
surely acts strange compared to other mysql daemons I run..

Well, sorry for bothering you :-) I panicked okay? 


Soeren Staun-Pedersen - Staun@SunSITE.auc.dk 
"The internet is full, beat it"
    - Me.

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