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Fwd: RE: Your Time

Paul still has the ORBS problems, so his mail(s) have to go through me...

----------  Mail forwarded (Author is Paul Tiseo)...  ----------
Subject: RE: Your Time
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 21:04:02 -0400
From: "Paul Tiseo" <ptiseo@mediaone.net>


	I have been away for a while, and got back to a *long* discussion on CSS. I
think that, in my zeal to use a "modern-looking" font with this site, I
created a nightmare! :) What I wanted to avoid was a font salad as the title
uses one, the sidebar uses another and then the text in the middle defaults
to the user's choice. Ugh! The <FONT> tag, while deprecated, seemed like a
wise choice to keep some formatting and avoid CSS complications because the
scripts, once set, wouldn't really see much maintenance. I unfortunately
forgot about article submission...

	At any rate, I am emailing this group to inform you that I must step down
from my spot as site webmaster. :( I feel I am doing a disservice to the
place by not being able to give it the time it needs. Perhaps someone is
available to replace me, but knowing that there already is a site
"webmaster", they might not come forward. Other work projects are keeping me
too busy.

	I will still lurk and perhaps can come back at some point, but for now I
must gracefully bow out. I will try to help out where I can, but cannot be
held to it anymore as I think my inability to participate might have almost
killed the LGDC project if it weren't for Christian and his whip! :) Expect
the occasional annoying comments from me, but that's pretty much it... :)

	With regret,


Christian Reiniger
Coordinator/Coder, PenguinPlay (http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/)
Coordinator,       LGDC        (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

Star Trek 95: The Wrath of Gates

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