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Re: Make, make, make. . .

> Keith Lucas wrote:
> > 
> > > Where might I find a good resource for documentation on wrighting
> > > makefiles?  I don't know jack diddly about Make (having come from a
> > > DOS/Borland world where we have projects instead of makefiles).
> > 
> > Do a web search for "Recursive make considered harmful"
> ...In the interests of editorial balance, it should be said that
> some people regard that document as almost criminally *wrong*.

No-one's yet convinced me of that. The only argument anyone's raised
that I really agree with is the one about source code
organisation. But then I think that source organisation is harder to
use as well.

Well... there were other arguments as well. I raise the one I had at work:

"But how do we know this would work?"

"Well, I tried it on one of my projects at home and it seems fine."

"But your projects are noddy. These are BIG projects. They have special needs."

"Like what?"

"Well.. all sorts of things. Besides we'd need to re-write the makefiles."

"That's the point?"

"Well, but while we're doing that, people won't be able to build things."

"People can't build things NOW!! The makefiles are broken!!"

You can guess the consensus. Something known broken is preferable to
even thinking about alternatives.

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