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Re: website code discussions on this list?

> The good news: I got four offers for help (with the website) so far. Good
> offers.
> The (extended) situation: There will be (hopefully) quite some discussion
> between them and me about the website code, design etc. All the little
> details concerning people who really work at that site's internals.
> The Question: Would you object if we take this discussion to this mailing
> list ('cause some kind of mailing list is needed)?
> It shouldn't be a problem to open a new mailing list (lgdc-web?) for this,
> but I'm not sure whether that "fragmentation" is really good. What are your
> feelings about this?

I personally would prefer them to be more seperated. Because otherwise
I end up deleting too much stuff trying to find the game
discussions. (I had to undelete this to reply to it).

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