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Re: Games in Java?

On 17-Apr-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Erik wrote:
>>them, but moving to a system like OpenGL might be better? Another problem
>>java is the newness of it I think... 
> Newness? Java's been around since, what, '96 ?
> And there are few things that have been hyped more than Java.

c++ is almost 20 years, C is a little over 30, those are the two common ones.
and java is from '91 I think :) The thing I think really turns a language from a
neat toy to a standard language is adoption by the universities, which is just
starting now for java. If all the college trained coders are writing in java,
companies will start using java as the standard language because that is what
the coders know. It'll still be a couple years before there's a major influx of
programmers who only know java. When companies start using java as their
primary, they will demand better tools, better performance, etc. I think that
kind of large scale demand is just now starting. I think that javas challenge
will be in the next couple years, and if it's still around in 5, it will
probably do to c++ what c++ did to C in the market (not fully replace it, but
take more precedence in more projects)

> I can't install JDK2 here, because all versions I know require glibc2.1 (I
> have 2.0 and upgrading is difficult w/o package management), and getting
> the source is very hard.

I would thing that 2.1 should be backwards compatible, so installing it won't
crap your system? but a libc is a pain to install anyways :)

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