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Re: Games in Java?

Erik wrote:

>>>them, but moving to a system like OpenGL might be better? Another problem
>>>java is the newness of it I think... 
>> Newness? Java's been around since, what, '96 ?
>> And there are few things that have been hyped more than Java.
>c++ is almost 20 years, C is a little over 30, those are the two common ones.
>and java is from '91 I think :) The thing I think really turns a language from a

Ooops :)
IIRC '96 was when many Java books started to appear in bookstores. I think.

>primary, they will demand better tools, better performance, etc. I think that
>kind of large scale demand is just now starting. I think that javas challenge
>will be in the next couple years, and if it's still around in 5, it will
>probably do to c++ what c++ did to C in the market (not fully replace it, but
>take more precedence in more projects)

Hmmm, propably you're right.

>> I can't install JDK2 here, because all versions I know require glibc2.1 (I

>I would thing that 2.1 should be backwards compatible, so installing it
>won't crap your system? but a libc is a pain to install anyways :)

The Jdk explicitly wants 2.1 :(

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