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Re: LGDC news

Esben Haabendal Soerensen wrote:

> >> like, but what about news about new versions of Linux games ?
> Rob> Only when it's relevant to development, such as a call for
> Rob> developers or something else. LGDC is not supposed to be another
> Rob> HappyPenguin or Freshmeat.

Well, I had the same question for Christian when the first submissions
for small games started coming in.  We are indeed not Freshmeat 2,
but there is a small niche for games which are very early in
development on LGDC.  Freshmeat is probably more oriented towards
the Linux user who's not interested in developing a game : just
get the source, compile, and play.  LGDC is geared to developers,
so it makes sense to list small games that could use some
development power (I guess all games can, but I hope you see
what I mean).
  At least, that's how I interpreted Chrisitan's answer to
list the submissions :)
  So *in theory* adding updates of games we list as a news
item is ok, but it may take too much time to crosscheck the
freshmeat news with our listing or something like that,
and/or the news-value of such an update may be too low.
I don't know..


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