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Re: Games in Java?

Steve Baker wrote:
> Bert Peers wrote:
> <snip>
> > Until then, you just discard CVs where Known Languages only lists "Java".
> Personally, I'd throw away CV's that listed only 'C++' too - even though
> my group at work uses only C++.

Ok, rephrase : where Known languages does not list C++.

> The most useful course I did at college was 'comparative languages'
> in which we were taught a new programming language every week for
> three terms (a total of 30 languages)...learning how to drive some
> of the wierder ones (Snobol!) was most instructive...learning WHY
> those languages are built that way is also instructive.

I agree, but I'm not trying to get another holy language war
going here :)  We're talking about the question of which
drives the development of a language : industry or
university;  not which one is better.

> It's probably more like all those C guys were offered a better
> C with the (then magical) word 'OOPS' associated with it - and
> snapped it up.

Now that you mention it, this could be very true.  I myself
was lurked into studying Java as "C++ but crossplatform,
multithreaded, and with lots of cool libs".  I bumped back
out because of performance issues mostly, maybe that's the
only stopping a massive switchover.  Otoh, C++ had exactly
the same problems initially, but has now found mainstream
exceptance..  Pretty interesting.


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