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Re: Stupid tricks

Rob Kaper wrote:

> Linux journal runs a monthly column in their print version called "stupid
> programming tricks". Most of them are very handy for games as well.

Are you referring to the columns about how to set up the Linux
equivalent of Dos style int 13 A000 VGA ?  I find those rather
stomach turning, in the days of hardware T&L, 3D sound DSPs,
etc :)  I would almost call them irresponsible for printing that,
the last thing we need with Linux struggling to get into the games
market is more hackers who think that software rasterisers are
still the bomb.. :(  How many times did you have to explain to someone
asking a blitter or rasteriser question that these days it's a waste
of time, and that all those tutorials out there from '93 are really
obsolete ?  I myself just once too much.. and I partially blame LJ ;)


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