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Re: Stupid tricks

Bert Peers wrote:

> > Linux journal runs a monthly column in their print version called "stupid
> > programming tricks". Most of them are very handy for games as well.
> Are you referring to the columns about how to set up the Linux
> equivalent of Dos style int 13 A000 VGA ?  I find those rather
> stomach turning, in the days of hardware T&L, 3D sound DSPs,
> etc :)  I would almost call them irresponsible for printing that,
> the last thing we need with Linux struggling to get into the games
> market is more hackers who think that software rasterisers are
> still the bomb.. :(  How many times did you have to explain to someone
> asking a blitter or rasteriser question that these days it's a waste
> of time, and that all those tutorials out there from '93 are really
> obsolete ?  I myself just once too much.. and I partially blame LJ ;)

I think the one from this month showed something about SVGAlib. Needless
to say, I turned the page rather quickly and rather horrified. :-)

Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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