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Re: LGDC news

> On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 06:15:33PM -0500, Steve Baker wrote:
> > Christian Reiniger wrote:
> > > I'd say we list only games with some special things (cool code / innovative
> > > design / librarylike (reusable) component / ...) - games developers can
> > > learn from or steal code from.
> > Yes - but everyone thinks their game has some cool code, etc, etc.
> > Who would decide?  Who wants to be the one that says "No, we won't list
> > your game because there's no cool code in it." ?
> > If someone has something cool to share then they should turn it into
> > a library component - THEN we'll want to list it.
> As a developer I'm not interested in other peoples code.  No mater
> how cool is may be.  I just don't grok other peoples code.  They
> only thing I'd want to get straight from within another project
> is reusable media.

Yes, but that's you, you horrible little code-obfuscator you. :-)

I personally quite often would like to go see in what ways someone
else has solved a problem before I go do it.

I would mention the entire "I'll go see how that worked in
Snafu... EEEeeeeuuuuwwww!!" incident...

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